How does a barrel become bent in the first place ?

It is usually because the gun has been fired in the break position, causing the barrel to spring upwards with such extreme force that the barrel points slightly upwards. Most of the time, this is accidental, although on occasion it is a failure in the rifle's trigger mechanism. If it ever happens to you, make sure your fingers are well out of the way.

You may notice afterwards that the gun won't cock at all, depending on the damage done to the mechanism. This is a common problem after the barrel has sprung back.
If you have done this, it is highly unlikely that you have 'got away with it'. It is highly probable that the rifle will not shoot true and you may even find that you won't be able to sight it in.

The solution is easy, send the barrel to us and we will give you an estimate of the work involved in straightening it. It usually isn't that expensive and a lot cheaper than a new barrel.

Whilst we are able to straighten the vast majority of barrels, in some cases, the barrel may need to be replaced.


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